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Custom Built Warehouses


WHK Commercial Property is recognised as one of the premier companies in built-to-suit and lease-back options. We understand the need for quality and insured investment decisions in today’s volatile market place.


The benefit of built-to-suit is the capability to expand and improve your facilities without adding a margin of debt to your balance sheet. Its benefit that allows capital to be invested in other forms of business that may yield greater returns then investing in real estate.


Incorporating a built-to-suit allows for a custom, tailor fitted building specified to your requirements. Our specialists will meet with you to discus exact building requirements and property specifications, advising you according to their tradition of excellence. Our development division along with our associated professionals will ensure that you are provided with the best building, geographically researched and positioned to “suit” your needs.


We also provide Construction Management services for our clients on a fee basis to insure their investment and project requirements are achieved.