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Tenant Advocacy Services


WHK Commercial are experienced Commercial Tenant Advocates.


A Tenant Advocate (also known as a Tenant Representative) represents the interest of a corporate tenant - both in finding and negotiating on suitable properties to Lease, but also to re-negotiate existing Leases. Our aim is to provide your management team with the qualified information that allows the correct business case recommendations to be reached. We achieve this aim by working with you through the process ensuring that the recommendations we deliver to your management are entirely unbiased and presented in a rational and accountable manner. 


If your company is looking to move to a new premises, we can act as your Commercial Advocates and provide the following services:

Needs Analysis

This often involves reviewing the tenants specific objectives, limitations, and ongoing requirements. We’ll assess all the angles, not just your financial objectives. For example, your staff retention may necessitate we set geographic boundaries for our forthcoming search.

Property Search

We use our professional networks to identify all suitable properties, not just those being publicly advertised. Often this requires us to release a detail brief to the broader market (both via agents and directly to property owners) that outlines all your requirements in an easily understood format.


We collate all your options and assess which ones have the potential to meet your needs, whittling the options down to a manageable list of those that warrant further review.

Property Inspections

We physically inspect the shortlisted properties to ensure that they meet your needs, and also to assess any potential  risks.

Property Appraisal

We assess the market rental value (and relevant incentives and fit-out costs) of all the properties being considered (including your current tenancy if ‘staying put’ is considered a possibility. During this process we review comparable leasing evidence to form an informed opinion of fair market value.


We obtain offers from prospective landlords and employ  our professional negotiating skills to obtain the most competitive rental and lease terms.

Fit-Out Design and Project Management

It is very rare to find a property that meets a tenant’s needs exactly. Square Metre are comfortable directing architects, designers, and builders. We can project manage the design and construction of your fitout, or appoint an external project manager.

Transaction Management

If required, we engage and co-ordinate other professionals (such as lawyers and financiers) to minimise our client’s risks,  expenses, and time.

Finding and securing you the right premises is one part of the puzzle, but the other component is to extricate you from your current premises for the minimum possible cost and effort.

So that you Contact us today on 02 4229 6640 to confidentiality discuss your Tenant Advocacy requirements.